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About Rod Upward:

Rod Upward has been an entrepreneur who has founded or had shareholding interests in five enterprises in his working life.

In 1987 Rod started his first training consulting business, (International Consulting Services), in Taipei, Taiwan, China. Since those early days Rod’s professional career has been equally measured, between commercial consulting and training, governance, management and leadership roles - in private and public organisations - of all sizes.

Since 2003, Rod has been focusing his skills on leveraging from a client’s existing infrastructure, to turbo charge their clicks & links opportunities. The core focus of these activities has always been to deliver measurable bottom line benefits with a clear ROI and / or achievement of strategic intentions. Read more...

About Chris Smith:

Chris is a full stack web developer who really enjoys custom developing whatever he does. What this means is that Chris can do everything from the back end to the front end, databases & coding.

Before Chris completed his formal programming qualification Chris worked as a self-taught expert in programming for some years in Auckland. He then moved to Australia and partnered with Rod Upward to form Upward Enterprises.

Chris and Rod have now worked together for over eighteen years on a wide array of customised client interventions.

Chris now heads the London office for Upward Enterprises.

Chris and his coding team provide clients with a completely customisable coding solution for whatever challenge they may have. He has a specific interest in developing integrated systems and solutions that monitor and track business outputs.

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