If life is a lemon make lemonade ...

Experienced Journalists Needed:

Locally Empowered - Nationally Engaged - Globally Aware

If you are a person who is passionate about the power of media. If you believe it is time to democratise media in Australia and that the way to do this is to create a new way of providing the news in the digital space. If you want to be involved in an entrepreneurial role in the True Blue Media revolution this is your chance. 

This opportunity has no cost to you other than contributing your time and passion to build the revenue generating side of your own True Blue Media business in your local community.  

This is your opportunity to become a partner (with your own business) in this rapidly expanding national media business contact without having to leave your home. If you are naturally entrepreneurial, enjoy marketing, promotion and sales and are keen to manage your own revenue streams then reach out to True Blue Media. 

We are looking for people like you.