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Leverage From Your Technology

To Achieve Your Mission

Delivering interventions that meet your specific needs is what we do best.

We take a pragmatic approach to development and implementation that means your investment provides value faster and with less risk to you. However, we also know that we cannot seamlessly slot in any new software or ‘clicks and links’ infrastructure if your ‘bricks and mortar’ organisation does not truly understand that your most important asset is your people. Upward Enterprises is fussy about this issue, because we know the success of any organisation, (no matter how good its IT platform may be) really comes down to the level of commitment of the people who inhabit the ‘bricks and mortar.’

Upward Enterprises also understands that sometimes you need some extra short-term organisational development help to transform what and how you do things. This could be IT related strategic thinking and advice or advice related to your intentions, policies, systems, procedures or processes. After all, this is why consultants do what they do.

Upward Enterprises always aims to build a deep understanding of your organisation. However, we also know that having trusted relationships with our clients – at all levels of your organisation - is the key to our people understanding and working successfully with your organisation. Without this human connection we cannot develop, for example, ‘clicks & links’ infrastructure - or software - to slot seamlessly into your teams operations. This approach also gives you the option of contingent labour in times of peak demand as a short term solution for skills gaps in your project teams. This also means we want our people to be valued and respected members of your team, regardless of if their assignment with you is for one week, a month or a year.

We have specialist skills in Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development and Organisational Intelligence capacity building. These technical resources however depend upon a range of ‘soft’ development and transformational strategic services, to complement our solution architecture, design and implementation projects. So, a range of relevant soft interventions, such as training or learning interventions is absolutely fundamental to achieve the best outcomes for you and your organisation.

Upward Enterprises provides planning, development, implementation, training & learning, seminars and workshops in a wide range of diverse, (and mostly) customised solutions. For example, internet marketing, contact management systems, internal forums, audio–video meetings, and customised online eCommerce platforms or out-of-the-box solutions, (such Shopify or Big Commerce for smaller organisations) that want a non-technical - easily manageable - eCommerce solution.

When relevant, we also supply the implementation, integration, management and training for open source and proprietary databases.

Upward Enterprises pretty much does whatever is needed to develop and transform how your organisation operates so that you can focus on achieving your mission.

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