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Strategic Intentions Diagnostic

Upward Enterprises works from principles to inform action, because we have found that this is the best way of accommodating the specific, (and often unique), challenges any client organisation faces. We understand that this is a learning process for both us and our clients. So, it is important, whilst working through any diagnostic activities to remember your answers are springboards into knowing your organisation

Some of the questions we ask may not satisfy all of your thoughts about your organisation so add as much detail as you want. Please also remember the information supplied in the notes sections of the Strategic Intentions Diagnostic is predicated upon the reasonable assumption that some of our clients may know very little about the issues outlined, whilst others will know much more. So, if you feel there is something missing, (in any of the questions), which more accurately encapsulates your strategic intentions include it.

It is entirely up to you if you do these diagnostic activities, however, if you start you will need to finish if you want someone to contact you and give you feedback. This is because it is a waste of your time to only do part of this activity.

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